Net Down System

NET DOWN is an anchoring geo-net geomenbrane , made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

which is laid to cover landfills or remediation sites exposed to the atmospheric elements and particularly to the strain of wind that can compromise or even damage beyond repair, the waterproofing cover itself.

NET DOWN has been designed to guarantee a reliable anchoring system for geomembranes, and it has proven to be extremely effective by neutralizing the wind flows and relevant forces. NET DOWN allows the waterproofing geomembranes to stay unaltered on site even in presence of highest wind speed, thus proving for a safer and long-lasting cover protection.

NET DOWN replaces the obsolete and impractical methods of anchorage, such as sandbags and tires, which have proven to be ineffective, not very durable, involving significant labor costs, as well as not being compliant with the environmental standards and with the health and safety regulations at work.   In addition to providing for a safer anchorage, NET DOWN enhances the service life and the durability of the underlying geomembranes, also functioning as an UV-rays screen, filtering up to 60% of the UV radiations.

NET DOWN is available in rolls of 6 feet in width or in pre-welded panels/tarpaulins


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